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What to look for when navigating the Aged Care Placement system


When starting out on the journey of navigating the Aged Care system for your loved one, there are many people offering you advice.

How can you know whether this advice is right for your situation and circumstances?

Your aged care placement advocate should work with you and your family’s best interests in mind. This is what we do at Well Placed Care.


Every single transition to Aged Care is unique:

    • Whether for a single person, or a couple.
    • Whether a physical condition is deteriorating, or mental faculties and awareness are impaired.
    • Whether your loved one has come to an acceptance or understanding of this part of their journey.
    • What the family dynamics are around the placement decision and the impact on everyone involved.There are some important questions to explore when you’re choosing an Aged Care Placement advocate to support you through this transition.


Is your Aged Care Placement Advocate unbiased and independent?

Being unbiased and independent means that the consultant:

    • Is not employed by, not on the board of, or has any financial interest in any aged care facility


    • Has no business investment or alignment with any aged care facility. An independent professional is able to provide guidance based entirely on your individual circumstances — not biased by commission or kickbacks from any particular facility.


Ensure that your Aged Care Placement Advocate has your best interests at heart.

We establish relationships across the transitional journey

The Aged Care Placement advocate you need is an expert in building and nurturing relationships and rapport with a wide variety of people across the whole process of placement.

    • They understand the strengths and weakness of every aged care facility they are recommending.


    • They know the required, and accredited, QUALITY of the aged care facilities — beyond the brochures and websites.


    • They provide you with streamlined access to an extended services network of professionals you may need — including financial advisors, lawyers, social workers and other specialists.


    • They’re at ease with talking to Centrelink, doctors and health professionals, ACAT teams, financial advisors, real estate agents and all the people along the way.