Services & Fees

Our Caring and Comprehensive Service Includes the following:

  • Specialised independent aged care advice, placement and advocacy for you and your loved ones.

  • We Liaise confidentially on your behalf with My Aged Care, Centrelink, hospitals, ACAT, social workers, facilities, financial and estate planners.

  • All areas of placement including home care, respite, permanent care, emergency, transition care, people living with dementia and couples care.

  • Professional and Individual case management of your specific needs (i.e. financial situation, care requirements, desired location and cultural and religious sensitivities.)

  • A shortlist of appropriate providers and facilities to suit your needs.

  • Arrange virtual tours of facilities via Zoom, offering support and guidance to enable you to make an informed decision.

  • Negotiations of accommodation fees and charges to achieve the best financial outcome for you and your loved ones.

  • Assistance with the completion of forms and documents as required.

  • Referrals to trusted specialised external professionals (i.e. solicitors, financial advisors, counsellors and real estate agents.)

  • Post-placement communication and well-being follow up.

  • Ensuring you and your loved ones receive the necessary support whilst coordinating a smooth and gentle transition into well placed care.

To discuss our costs of service, please contact Pauline Healy.

The Australian Government subsidises many aged care services to keep costs reasonable and affordable.

Costs vary for different types of care and different service providers. There are no standard costs for aged care services.

If you are eligible, you are expected to contribute to the cost of your care if you can afford to.

Aged Care Costs

There are various fees you may be asked to pay including:

  • basic daily fee – covers your day-to-day living costs. Everyone can be asked to pay this fee.

  • means-tested care fee – if your income and assets are over a certain amount, you can be asked to contribute to the cost of your care.

  • accommodation costs – some people will have their accommodation costs paid in full or in part by the government while others will need to pay the price agreed to with the aged care home.

  • fees for extra and additional services – you may have to pay extra if you choose a higher standard of accommodation or additional services.

The government sets the maximum means-tested care fee and basic daily fee.There are also rules about how much you can be asked to pay for your accommodation. Well Placed Care can negotiate certain fees on your behalf.

Click on the link to view the latest Schedule of Fees and Charges for Residential and Home Care. You can also go to our Resources page to get a copy of the updated version of these fees.

Federal Court ruling – ‘asset replacement charges’

On 2 March 2018, the Federal Court ruled that ‘asset replacement charges’ – which some providers have been charging to residential care recipients – are not allowed under aged care legislation. This confirms the department’s position and previous advice. In summary, the ruling confirms:

  • aged care legislation is an exhaustive scheme of all the fees that providers can charge consumers

  • additional service fees can only be charged for ‘other’ care and services; i.e. other than the core care and services set out in the Quality of Care Principles 2014

  • only amounts permitted under aged care legislation can be deducted from lump sum refundable deposits

  • ‘asset replacement charges’ and similar fees are not permitted under aged care legislation.