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Often when care needs arise it can be a very emotional time for all involved. The time and knowledge required of you, or family members to obtain documentation and find appropriate care is often limited. We know that many of the processes involved in the aged care system can be complex and time consuming. By letting us take care of all the necessary details, you and your loved ones will have the time to concentrate on oneself and each other.

Our caring and comprehensive service includes the following:

Specialised independent aged care advice, consultancy and advocacy for you and your loved ones.

All aged care options including home care, respite, permanent care, emergency, transition care, people living with dementia and couples care.

A shortlist of appropriate home care providers and residential facilities to suit your needs.

Arrange tours and initial meetings with home care providers and facilities, offering support and guidance to enable you to make an informed decision.

We liaise confidentially on your behalf with My Aged Care, Services Australia (Centrelink), hospitals, ACAT, social workers, facilities, financial and estate planners.

Professional & individual case management of your specific needs (i.e. financial situation, care requirements, desired location, cultural and religious sensitivities.)

Negotiations of accommodation fees & charges to seek a better financial outcome for you.

Guidance with the completion of your applications, forms, assessments & submission to the relevant authorities and organisations, as required.

Managing Director Pauline Healy

Referrals to trusted specialised external professionals (i.e. estate planning lawyers & funeral advocates, financial advisors, counsellors, estate vendor advocates, removalists etc)

Post-placement communication and well-being follow up.

We ensure you and your loved ones receive the necessary personalised support whilst coordinating your aged care journey.

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