Death and taxes are the only two certainties of life, according to Benjamin Franklin. We’d like to propose one more- the inevitably of needing some level of support as we age. Retirement funds are commonplace, but how do people plan their future care to allow them to stay at home as long as possible?

It’s a misconception that as Aged Care Placement Specialists, our work is just about helping people secure a place in residential care. 

Of course, finding the right aged care residential service for people based on their individual needs is a component of our work, but it’s exactly that- one component. Our Placement services explore all the options available to people, many of which involve programs delivered at home.

As we age, there are many inevitable impacts on our daily life. Of course, there are physical and cognitive degenerative symptoms which can lead to a plethora of issues. As our eyesight diminishes, that lip at the front door becomes a safety risk. Accepting the fact that our environment (and sometimes our behaviour) needs to evolve is essential to creating a future-proofing plan aligned to our wishes, as is the ability to have a frank and open conversation with loved ones, and before it is actually needed.

Well Placed Care has access to information about the vast options available to people and so we are able to take on the role of conduit between concerned family members and their loved one(s).

As difficult as it can be, adult children need to be honest and realistic about the level of support they are able to provide their loved ones as their care needs escalate, and even what this looks like. 

We are able to offer information that is informed, current and accurate to help people plan for their future and access the right services at the right time, with a full understanding of the cascade of intervention services available.

Sometimes a plan for residential care placement (for example) can be created years in advance, so when the time comes when a person needs 24 hour specialist care, the decisions have already been made and agreed upon by all parties.

There is much strength that comes with working with us. We have distance and perspective and we aren’t involved in any family dynamics or politics. 

Our experience is that an adult child can tell their mother a thousand times that their living room rug needs to go because it’s a falls hazard, but it’s not until the Occupational Therapist visits as part of a support package we’ve negotiated that the rug actually gets removed. So too organising simple home modifications that facilitate remaining at home as long as possible such as shower and toilet rails, alarm devices, cleaning and meal support, as well as providing support and connection in relation to legalities such as Powers of Attorney and financial matters. 

Basically, we provide family harmony in a situation that can be incredibly fraught and emotional for all!

Can you imagine having a clear, direct conversation with your loved ones about all the options and services available to remain at home as long as possible? Do you know about all the options that are out there? It can feel like quite the minefield when you’re trying to find the right service to future proof against your specific circumstances.

We can help you to navigate them.

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