Did you know you can use your Home Care Package (HCP) to invest in technology that will help you & your loved ones stay safe and connected? 

Technology has played such an important role in our community in order to stay connected during the coronavirus, and this is no truer than in our aged care communities and senior groups.  

The Department of Health has recently released a new Fact Sheet detailing the types of technology services and equipment available to purchase as a part of an individual’s HCP. This includes changes made due to the coronavirus and eligibility. Go to our Resources pages to access the ‘COVID-19 Personal monitoring technology for Senior Australians fact sheet’.  

Here are some examples of how you can use your Home Care Package funds for the following: 

  • Personal Monitoring Technology – CHS providers are now able to use unspent 2019-20 funding to purchase up to $1000 worth of personal monitoring technology for their vulnerable clients in need of this support during COVID19. This is important for older Australians and their informal carers and family who are self-isolating to protect themselves from exposure to COVID-19, thereby reducing their support and social connectedness.  
  • Setting Up & Learning How to Use Technology – The technical training, initial set-up support and ongoing support for clients with their personal monitoring system. 
  • Digital Technology and Video Conferencing Equipment – Such as tablets, smart devices, and internet subscriptions to help connect older people to their family, friends, carers and their community.  

In order to access technological care and services through your HCP, it is important that this is reflected in your Care Plan. 

Independent aged care consultant and advocate Pauline Healy will be able to put together the appropriate Care Plan to match your elderly loved one’s individual care needs. And this includes what services and options are available to you when looking for HCP service providers. 

Social isolation and safety concerns during the pandemic have been key issues for senior Australians. At Well Placed Care we believe that the emotional and physical wellbeing of your elderly loved ones is a top priority no matter what the situation, and is therefore always front-of-mind when creating your Care Plan. 

We advocate that alongside keeping our elderly loved ones physically safe from the coronavirus, it is also crucial we continue to nurture their mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

With her extensive industry knowledge, Pauline Healy will guide you and your family into making an informed decision – including amidst a pandemic – to ensure you are receiving the right support that meets your care needs. 

Well Placed Care is always on the lookout for useful industry information that will aid, enhance & support your elderly loved one’s care, especially during the coronavirus. Take a look at our Resources page for the latest industry information and Well Places Care resources. 

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