What do you think of when you hear the words ‘aged care?’.  

Most likely, you’re visualising an elderly person over the age of 80 in a residential care home being looked after by an army of health care workers. Or maybe it’s your own parents you see who’re having cleaners and a carer come over to help them around the house twice a week. 

What you’re probably not seeing is someone younger – perhaps yourself – planning out their own aged care journey years in advance. It’s a scenario that is more unheard of in the aged care space, mainly because of pre-conceptions around what aged care looks like and who it is for.  

We want to bust the myth that aged care is just for the ‘elderly’, and is an option that only needs to come up when it is needed in the moment. We’re here to tell you that planning for your own aged care at an earlier stage in life is not only possible, but more importantly – it is empowering! 

Myth #1: Aged care planning is only for the ‘elderly’. 

As we’ve said, aged care doesn’t necessarily have to be sought out because it’s needed in an urgent or emergency situation.  

We’ve had clients approach us as early as possible so they can start making plans for their own aged care. This can be for a number of reasons, which brings us to our next myth-buster… 

Myth #2: Planning for my aged care can only happen when I’m feeling the effects of getting old.

Getting old is an inevitability. However, you don’t have to wait for the effects of ageing to settle in before thinking about your own aged care.  

Early planning can be advantageous for a vast range of care scenarios, including: 

  • Safe-guarding against an anticipated medical condition that runs in your family, such as early on-set dementia or MS.   
  • Creating a safe, low-risk living environment that is adapted to suite your living arrangements as time goes on. This includes organising simple home modifications that facilitate remaining at home as long as possible.  
  • If you live alone or remotely, your long-term plan may include a move from one location to another to be closer to family, or an eventual transition into an aged care facility.  
  • Feeling financially secure as you navigate related aged care fees and charges. Obtaining financial advice when planning your aged care pathway is particularly important 5 years prior to retirement, as there are certain financial implications within 5 years before engaging aged care services. This will alleviate any financial stress you or your loved ones may have when the time comes to find your aged care solution.  
  • Taking the stress out of planning for you and your family. Perhaps you just want the process to be smooth-sailing by the time you’re ready to receive care. It means when the time comes, you have a clear care plan ready to go with all your wishes & preferences already in place. 

Take a look at our 3-part blog series for more care scenario examples:

Myth #3: Aged care consultants only provide their services for older clientele seeking residential care placements. 

This is NOT true! At Well Placed Care, our broad range of services include finding both emergency and urgent aged care solutions, as well as long-term aged care planning.

This means we offer ALL types of aged care options, including in-home care (CHSP), interim care, home care packages, residential respite, permanent care, emergency care, transition care, specialist care such as dementia, MS, MND & palliative and many others. 

We’ve had many instances where younger clients under 60 approach us to engage in our independent aged care consultancy and advocacy services. We were able to offer them information that was informed, current and accurate to help them plan for their future and access the right services at the right time, with a full understanding of the cascade of intervention services available. 

Myth #4: Planning for my own aged care can only happen in a short time period. 

You can be perfectly healthy and independent when you start planning for your own aged care! This means you can take your time

When we’re supporting a client to make a long-term care plan, it means every step in the process is completely tailored to their individual care needs. Our holistic approach also means we don’t just focus on planning for your physical care. We take into consideration your emotional, mental and financial wellbeing as a part of your long-term aged care goals. In fact, our philosophy is that seeking out aged care is the beginning of your next adventure, which is full of opportunity and strength!

Myth #5: I need to know what I want before I plan for my aged care.

Just because you’re setting up a roadmap for your retirement and aged care plans, doesn’t mean you need to have it all figured out. In fact, the best thing you can do is let go of trying to be the expert and instead seek out independent, professional advice from an aged care consultant.

We’ll listen to your concerns and wishes, offering our advice, insights and expertise to help guide you into making informed decisions. We’ll provide you with solutions and suggestions that you might not have known about or even considered! 

Choosing Well Placed Care to assist you to plan your aged care journey from the very beginning will keep you on the front foot. As part of our services, we offer a 1-hour complimentary aged care specific advice around your financial opportunities and rights. This information will in turn better inform, guide and influence your decisions when it comes to looking at your aged care options. 

The aged care sector is an ever-changing environment and it’s important to stay on top of the latest industry information, guidelines and news. Having an aged care specialist by your side also means you’ll stay constantly informed and updated as your own goal posts and care needs shift over time.  

Seeking out aged care consultancy and advocacy services such as Well Placed Care is a smart, proactive approach to find quality care that will suite your individual needs and prepare you for your future circumstances.  

Our independent aged care specialist Pauline Healy will help you to achieve this. Her ability to bring families together, to listen and communicate, and understand what they need and want means she can offer real solutions for families and individuals seeking aged care. Your experience with Pauline will be informed, gentle and efficient, giving your family back the time to concentrate on oneself and each other during this life-changing transition.   

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