We answer some of the most commonly asked questions & aged care scenarios we hear all the time from our clients.

“I wish I had someone like you when I was navigating the aged care system for my mum/dad.”

This is a phrase we hear all the time from our friends, family and Well Placed Care followers – mostly from children or grandchildren of elderly parents or grandparents. We understand why this is such a common reflection from people who had to find aged care options on their own. Often when care needs arise it can be a very emotional time for all involved. The knowledge and time required of you or family members to obtain documentation and find appropriate care is often limited. The processes involved in the aged care system can be complex and time-consuming, detracting from valuable family time and emotional support when making this life-changing decision. 

It’s no easy task, and is the reason why Managing Director Pauline Healy started Well Placed Care five years ago. An aged care specialist, consultant and advocate, Pauline is deeply passionate about helping families in our community access a much-needed service that will support them to make informed decisions when seeking out aged care options.  

Pauline has supported hundreds of families through many different care scenarios. To give you an idea of the breadth of her services and how she can support your family, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions and care scenarios she hears all the time from her clients. 

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Care Scenario: “My Dad needs full time care. He lives in the country but all his kids live in Melbourne. He’s not sure he can afford Melbourne‘s aged care prices but he wants to be near us.”  

Although house prices are often lower in the country, there are many ways you can find financial support to pay for the aged care facility’s accommodation charge, no matter where you’re located. Utilising our positive long-standing relationships with existing care providers, we can secure various discounts for your family to match your affordability in your desired location. This also includes priority placements!  

Pauline is known in the industry as a completely independent aged care consultant with no affiliations to any facility, which means she is 100% dedicated to providing a service that delivers the ideal outcome for your family and loved one. This means you’re assured complete transparency and honesty, where her sole focus is on your family and what it is you need.  

Under the assistance and advice from a financial advisor, Pauline will guide you on what financial opportunities and rights your family have access to. This is a huge part of her advocacy process, which includes negotiating your accommodation fees and charges, working out costs based on your means and circumstances, and understanding what this will look like in context to your family’s own situation. Having Pauline by your side will relieve your family of any financial stress and secure you the best financial outcome for your loved one. 

Care Scenario: “During COVID my Mum was transferred from hospital into an aged care facility that we didn’t get to see prior. It’s not a good fit for her and she is not happy. Can she move?”  

This has been a common occurrence for many patients being discharged from hospitals during COVID. Unfortunately, the restrictions in place during the pandemic restricted families from touring aged care facilities. The good news is that it’s completely within your power to move your loved one out of their current aged care facility. Any permanent resident in aged care can give seven days’ notice in writing and leave their facility.  

This is where Pauline Healy can step in and assist. Pauline is known for her personalised, holistic approach she provides for her clients. Her ability to bring families together, to listen and communicate, and understand what they need and want means she can offer real solutions for anyone seeking aged care. Pauline will take great care in matching the individual needs and wants of your family and loved one with the right facility. Ultimately, we want your loved one/s to be in a care environment that will support and nurture their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. 

Care Scenario: “If Mum goes into permanent care, can she come away with us at Easter?”  

There is a huge misconception that when you enter aged care, you’re somehow ‘locked up’ & restricted to the confines of the facility. This couldn’t be further from the truth!  

Provided clinical needs are met, residents of aged care facilities are entitled to stay 52 nights away per year from their facility (outside of COVID-19 restrictions). These days can be broken up into segments of weeks, days or weekly events like having a meal every Saturday night with the family. Your loved ones can even go for a holiday overseas with your family, or hop aboard a cruise! It’s entirely up to them. There are many benefits to being in care and still having the freedom and flexibility to come and go as they please.  

 At Well Placed Care, our philosophy is that entering into aged care is not the end of an adventure, but rather the beginning of one. Life doesn’t stop. We want every client to feel as if they have found another home to live out a fulfilling and happy life for the rest of their days. All while still meeting their individual care needs. 

So, what is your care scenario? Did any of these situations feel familiar or bring up some more questions? Perhaps there was a scenario relevant to a friend of yours. If so, perhaps it’s time for you or your friend to start the journey with your/their family into seeking out some aged care options. 

Whether you’re searching for the right service to future-proof against your specific circumstances or require an immediate care solution, we’ll be able to offer information that is informed, current, accurate and suited to your specific care needs.   

Seeking out aged care consultancy and advocacy services such as Well Placed Care is an incredible act of love for your loved ones. It’s a proactive approach to find quality care that will suit the needs of your loved ones, keeps the whole family informed as you navigate the aged care system and means you can stay focused on each other by letting us take care of all the necessary details. 

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