This week is Carer’s week in Australia and also the 30th Anniversary of Carer’s week in Victoria. This week we’re recognising the critically important work our nearly 2.65 million unpaid carers do in Australia with 5 things carers can do to make their jobs a little easier

1. Look at what you can change around the home

Have you got hand rails in your bathrooms? Night lights in the bedrooms? Are there non-slip strips on the edges of your any stairs? None of these measures are overly cost prohibitive, but they can go a long way to making it easier and safer for the person you care for to get around the home.

You should also investigate whether you can offload some of the day to day home management – just because you’re the primary carer, it doesn’t automatically mean you have to do everything

Getting some additional help around the home to take care of the cleaning, general maintenance, shopping etc can make a big difference to your daily to-do list.

2. Medication management – is it time for a webster pack?

Webster packs (also known as medication multi-dosage packs) are a great way to organize multiple medications. Your chemist creates a webster pack for you using the prescriptions on file, with each dose securely sealed in its own section. It makes it far easier for carers to ensure that the right doses are given at the right time. Most chemists offer webster packs as a service, with some not charging at all, and many charging less than $5 a week (medications not included).

3. Join a support group

Being a carer can be stressful, exhausting, and at times, just plain heartbreaking. There’s nobody that understands that more than other carers. The Australian Government’s Carer Gateway has a list of in-person and online support groups that can put you in touch with other carers.

Did you know Well Placed Care can organise services like these three above as part of your future planning appointments?  There are many ways in which help can be obtained, and Well Placed Care can help identify carer stress points and determine what can be done to ease them at early points in the carer journey. This is only one of the many advantages of embracing Well Placed Care early on, so why not speak to Pauline about what we can do at your

4. Remember to look after yourself

Yes, I know – if you’re a carer, you’ve probably either just ruefully smiled, or perhaps outright laughed at this one. But read this quote, and take a moment to really think about it:

“If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will make time for your illness”

As a carer you have a natural tendency to put the needs of your loved one ahead of your own. That’s part of a carer’s personality, but it’s also dangerous. Because even if you’re one of those “I don’t fall apart because I can’t afford to” people – sooner or later, your body will cash in on the physical and emotional debt that you’re building up while you’re not looking after yourself. And the longer you wait to pay that debt, the higher the price you’ll have to pay when you do.

Remember – taking the time to look after yourself is just as important for your loved one as it is for you, because it helps to ensure that you can continue to be there for them. And by letting Well Placed Care take care of the details, you can more easily get that precious time that you need.

5. Make sure the decisions you and your loved one are making are the best decisions now and into the future

As the needs of our loved ones change, the most suitable options for their ongoing care also change.

The respite that they (or you) didn’t need 12-24 months ago may now be a good idea, or additional home or facility-based care may now be a more realistic option than it has been in the past.

Remember, whether you’re searching for the right service to future-proof against your specific circumstances, you require an immediate care solution, or require a change to your existing care needs, we at Well Placed Care offer information and support that is informed, current, accurate and suited to your specific requirements. When the need arises, we’re here.

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