Tracey recently shared the story of her family’s journey with Well Placed Care via a Google Review. We’d like to thank Tracey for sharing with us.

Like so many other families that have a loved one with Dementia, my sisters and I had left things until they had hit crisis mode before we came to the difficult realisation that our mum could no longer live alone safely after our father passed away a few months earlier.

We initially tried to find care ourselves but were soon totally confused by all the different pricing models and we were totally shocked that not all care facilities were accredited. It was also a difficult time as not all of us were at the same point in accepting that mum’s care needs were greater than we could continue to provide living 4 hours away and it was then a friend introduced me to Pauline.

To say that she was a god send is an understatement. Pauline not only managed to find a suitable facility conveniently located for all of us to travel too but she also was able to negotiate on price but most importantly, was able to get us all on the same page with empathy and compassion.

It has been more than 4 years now since we engaged Pauline’s services so this review has been a long time coming but with mum’s condition deteriorating further and being able to keep her in the same facility which has now become her home, we are so very grateful for the service that Pauline provided to us all those years ago. We cannot recommend Pauline’s service highly enough.

Thank-you Pauline from all of us xxx

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Seeking out aged care consultancy and advocacy services such as Well Placed Care is an incredible act of love for your loved ones. It’s a proactive approach to find quality care that will suit the needs of your loved ones, keeps the whole family informed as you navigate the aged care system and means you can stay focused on each other by letting us take care of all the necessary details.

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