“The world needs our mothers.” —Liya Kebede 

Mother’s Day is a very special time of the year to celebrate all the strong, wonderful women in your life and thank them for being the very best mum – or Grandma! – to you and your family. 

This may have been particularly special for your family this year given the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria. Whereas last year Mother’s Day might have been spent on Zoom calls or leaving flowers outside mum’s door, this year made it possible to see her in person. We hope your day was filled with hugs, kisses, presents and family all in the same room. 

Whilst this would’ve no doubt been a happy occasion, we understand that important family days such as Mother’s Day can also prompt further questions around your ageing loved one’s health, safety and happiness. 

You may have asked yourself: 

  • What does the next stage mean for my mum living at home? 
  • Is my mum prepared? Does she know what to ask for, her timeframe, pricing, or preferred services and desired location? 
  • Does my mum have assessments in place and if so, is she ready to take up a home care package? 
  • Is my mum lonely? 
  • Would my mum consider a more permanent option in a residential care setting? 

It’s not an easy discussion to have and an even harder process to start. In fact, you may be wondering: where do I even begin??  

Finding options for your mum’s aged care doesn’t have to be an overnight decision. 

Our independent aged care specialist Pauline Healy has supported hundreds of families by carefully creating a bespoke care plan for their loved ones, sometimes years in advance. 

Pauline is known for her personalised, holistic approach she provides for her clients. Her ability to bring families together, to listen and communicate, and understand what they need and want means she can offer real solutions for people seeking aged care.  

By doing so, Pauline will make sure your mum’s physical, financial, social and mental wellbeing are carefully considered when making this life-changing decision.  

At Well Placed Care, our philosophy is that entering into aged care is not the end of an adventure, but rather the beginning of one. Life doesn’t stop. We want every client to feel as if they have found another home to live out a fulfilling and happy life for the rest of their days.

Pauline Healy

Pauline offers a range of advocacy and consultancy services that will meet your mum’s specific care scenario. This includes support to stay at home, or taking the next step into retirement living or residential aged care. 

Your mum’s holistic and tailored care plan will include:

Building a relationship and clear line of communication with your family.

Supporting, listening and caring about the whole family is at the heart of what we do. From the moment your family engage with us, consideration is made not only for matching the individual needs to your mum, but also to the whole family unit. To do this, we take the time to build a relationship with the family. We also take into account the emotional nuances and complexities involved when working amongst different family politics and dynamics. 

Discussing your mum’s needs.

We’ll have an in-depth discussion about the precise reasons around why your mum requires additional care. This includes a care plan for the interim. 

Documenting everything.

This will involve writing down your expectations for your mum’s care. This will help ensure nothing is missed over the course of applications, assessments and interviews. 

Having a plan.

We’ll discuss the needs and priorities for your mum and family, including time frame, types of care, pricing, the desired location of care, available activities, additional services, and any need for specialty or dementia care. 

Financial clarity.

Alongside trusted financial advisors, we’ll provide information around related fees and charges, and what packages and plans you can access according to your mum’s individual care needs and your family’s circumstances.

Lower or discounted rates and priority placements.

Through Pauline’s positive long-term professional relationships with various care providers, she can organise lower/discounted rates and priority placements for your mum. As an independent consultant Pauline has no affiliations with any care providers, which means her focus will be entirely dedicated to finding the best outcome for your family.

Paperwork assistance.

Providing My Aged Care assessment guidance and support that will reflect your chosen care plan. 

Liaising on your behalf.

We’ll liaise with all the hospitals, specialists and allied health services while you can concentrate on spending time with your mum and family. Our advocacy includes voicing/answering any concerns or questions you or your mum may have along the way.

Access to our network of specialists and experts.

Engaging in our services means that you will not only benefit from our industry expertise and years of experience navigating the aged care system. You’ll also gain full access to our wide network of resources, services, experts and specialists whom we work alongside and in partnership with. 

By planning ahead and starting the process early with someone like Pauline by your side means you can make informed decisions and save your family time, energy and stress. Whether you’re searching for the right service to future-proof against your specific circumstances or require an immediate care solution, Pauline will be able to offer information that is informed, current, accurate and suited to your mum’s specific care needs.  

Follow these three simple steps to give your mum the ultimate Mother’s Day gift:  

  1.  Contact Pauline via email, phone or direct message on Well Placed Care’s social media platforms. Pauline will always offer a short phone chat to introduce herself, explain her services & give the you an idea of what she can do to help.  
  2.  Check your inbox for a follow up email from Pauline. This email will include a written explanation of her service offerings, along with an engagement form.  
  3. Meet with Pauline. Upon engagement, Pauline will arrange an introductory meeting with your family (can be via Zoom or phone) to gain further information & understanding of what care & needs are required.  

It’s that simple.

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