“All advocacy is, at its core, an exercise in empathy.”- Samantha Power, United States Ambassador to the United Nations (2013 – 2017) 

To be an advocate is to have courage, empathy and a deep passion for your society and the future of your people. On a broad spectrum, advocacy is about effective problem-solving and involves supporting and influencing important decisions around a group or individual’s political, economic, social and legal rights. Ultimately, an advocate is passionate about making changes for the better and in turn creating positive transformations for people individually and across the globe.

It is one of the most empowering acts you can do for yourself and for others, and is instrumental to the service we provide for our clients at Well Placed Care. It is often said by our past clients that the aged care system is a confusing field to navigate, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the often-complex industry language, paperwork, processes and My Aged Care website. As an advocacy service specialising in the aged care field for over five years, we have witnessed the emotional toll, bureaucracy and complexities that come with navigating the aged care system. It can be overwhelming and stressful if you’re trying to find the right aged care for your loved one on your own, and the reason why our Managing Director and independent aged care consultant Pauline Healy started Well Placed Care.

So, how can Well Placed Care be your greatest advocacy tool when choosing the right aged care option? Here’s five reasons why hiring an independent aged care advocate like Pauline Healy will be the best decision you make for your loved one.

1. Start strong with your aged care journey

Knowing where to start when searching for the right aged care option is an important part of the process. How do you ascertain what care needs are required for your loved one, and what services are available? As we’ve just mentioned, the aged care system is a confusing world when you’re unfamiliar with the industry. With Pauline by your side, she will support you and your family from the very beginning so your loved one’s individual care needs are met with quality services and consideration for their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. And the best part? Pauline is an independent aged care specialist who can advocate for your loved one’s access to residential care as well as in-home care. Having both options is a must! 

2. Leave no room for doubt when making important & life-changing decisions

When you’re the decision maker it’s a huge responsibility – particularly when it involves someone you love.Having an independent advocate and industry specialist like Pauline to assist and guide you gives you the confidence to know that you’re making the right choice for you and your loved one. Keeping you informed from start to finish means you will not only feel our support the entire way through, but the decisions you make are assisted by our wide range of industry resources, expertise and knowledge.

3. Be prepared if an emergency or crises strikes unexpectedly 

In the event of an emergency or times of crisis, circumstances can change abruptly. This often results in direct life changing decisions and for this, timing is crucial. For example, we have had clients whose loved ones unexpectedly end up in hospital, and as a result must move from the hospital into a care environment such as residential or in-home aged care, usually within a tight timeframe. Having an independent aged care advocate means there is someone who will prepare all of the necessary details on your family’s behalf while you can focus on your family and loved one. We will act fast, liaise with key health professionals and provide an immediate care solution. 

4. Know your financial opportunities & rights before entering into aged care

The costs of aged care can be confusing to understand. Seeking out aged care specific financial advice is highly recommended as there are many strategies, pathways and opportunities you can take to save your money. As your aged care advocate, we’ll not only sit down with your family and clearly explain all relevant costs, but we will negotiate fees on your behalf. Not only will this save you thousands of dollars, but our individualised approach means we’ll work out costs based on YOUR means and circumstances, and what this will look like in context to your family’s own situation.

P.s Because we’re independent aged care advocates, we have no affiliations to any facility. This means you’re assured complete transparency and we’re 100% dedicated to finding the very best outcome for your family and loved one.

5. If you have questions or concerns, we’ll be right there in your corner

It’s not always easy to voice your concerns or ask questions when you’re not too sure what the answer should be. Having an independent aged care consultant by your side means they’ll be able to liaise your concerns to others, fight for your rights as an aged care recipient, meet your loved one’s individual care needs and most importantly – answer any questions you have in a safe and supportive environment. At Well Placed Care we provide this and more from the moment you engage with our service to post placement follow up.

Advocacy is key to positive reform in the age care sector

The recent Final Report from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety (powerfully titled ‘Respect, Care and Dignity’) specifically identified a gap in the system for independent services that can advocate on the recipient’s behalf and help them navigate the complex aged care system. This further confirms just how essential and valuable our services are within the sector. Advocacy services within the aged care sector will not only ensure that older people are receiving the very best, high-quality care and support for their individual needs, but are the driving force behind positive reform within the sector. Both outcomes are a huge focus for us at Well Placed Care. 

If you or your loved ones are thinking of making the journey into aged care, reach out to Pauline Healy today. Pauline will answer all your questions and set you on the right path to find the best fit and quality care for you and your family.

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