Our personalised approach at Well Placed Care means your family will experience a one-on-one service with an independent aged care specialist. No complicated booking forms, no Google searches to figure out who you need to speak to next during the aged care process, and no long waiting times on the phone. Our complete aged care consultancy and advocacy service means you stay with one consultant from beginning to end. They’ll create clear communication channels from the very beginning so your family will feel their support right through to the very end. This is because Well Placed Care is passionate about making sure our clients feel heard, happy and secure.

In keeping with this month’s theme of‘Communication’, we want to introduce you to our brilliant founder, managing director and aged care expert Pauline Healy. Pauline will share more about what Well Placed Care can do for your family, some valuable tips and advice, past client success stories and even a surprising fun fact from her past! 

What is Well Placed Care, and why did you decide to start it? 

Before I started Well Placed Care over 5 years ago in 2015, I identified a much-needed service in our community to support and advocate for families to help them navigate the complex aged care system. I saw so many people unable to make sense of the system whilst in their most vulnerable state and I found my extensive industry knowledge would be better served to assist and guide these families to find the right aged care solution to suit their individual care needs as an independent aged care consultant.  

Starting a completely independent aged care agency means we have no affiliations to any facility or provider and we’re 100% dedicated to providing a service that delivers the ideal outcome for our clients. I wanted to give families someone to trust with the most important, sensitive and ultimately life-changing decisions.  

How would you describe what you do as an ‘independent aged care consultant?’ 

Being an independent aged care consultant means I’m an independent consultant that specialises in the aged care sector, supporting individuals and their families by helping them find the best aged care solution to meet their care needs.   

This can be support to stay at home, or taking the next step into residential aged care.  

I’ll be your greatest resource, advocate and support! I will guide your family to make sense of the system, save you thousands of dollars, be your sounding board, save you time, energy and stress, find the answers to give you peace of mind, and liaise on your behalf with third parties. 

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As you know, our theme for this month is ‘communication’. What does communication mean to you in the context of Well Placed Care? 

Communication is imperative for Well Placed Care to be able to truly understand your needs and wants, and then provide the best fit and quality care for you and your family. Good communication also extends to our stakeholders and third parties such as hospitals, specialists and aged care providers. Building trust and clarity between myself, my client and third parties, means we can all be on the same page to ensure that the aged care solution is the right fit for the person seeking care. It means you’re always heard, constantly up-to-date, and empowered to make informed decisions. 

The result? A smooth, stress-free transition into life’s next adventure! 

What is the most satisfying part of your job?  

Without question, customer satisfaction and client care. Seeing the families who have come to me completely confused, emotionally and physically stressed, and then watching that wash away is so satisfying and fills my heart. Supporting them through the entire process and guiding them to their ideal outcome in every aspect – physically, emotionally, financially – is what drives me and continues to deepen my passion for this job. In fact, I enjoy the entire process from start to finish. Finding the right aged care solution, offering residential options down the track right through to fruition where I eventually place a client in care. The cherry on top is when at the end of the process, I’ve saved a family thousands of dollars in cost savings. It’s a win-win for all involved. 

What is the most challenging part of your job? 

This is a good question! I think the most challenging part of my job is instances when some of my clients don’t understand or recognise the value and experience behind my efficiency when working within tight timeframes. What they see is me being able to find them a solution in an urgent situation that has a fantastic outcome, but what they don’t see is my 10 years of industry experience, expertise and knowledge that has led me to deliver a high-quality outcome in such a short period of time. It can be heart-breaking when they don’t see the value. Saying this, I’ve had hundreds of wonderful clients who thank me time and again for my efficiency and being able to deliver a high-quality aged care solution for their family! It confirms my belief that in time-sensitive circumstances, it’s more important than ever to seek out specialised aged care services such as Well Placed Care.  

Is there a past client you’ve assisted that still stands out for you? What was their and your experience like? 

One past client of mine was a family who wanted to bring their father down from Queensland and to be near them in Melbourne. The family were so overwhelmed and didn’t think it was possible, but I assured them I would make every effort to get the best outcome for everyone. I told them we would work together to make it come to fruition, which it did! I offered services outside of my own to help with the transition, coordinated the move, organised medical clearance for the flights, and liaised with the hospitals to ascertain the care from a distance. Seeing the full success after the transition was a happy occasion for the family and myself! Their dad is content, safe and close to family and they are all very grateful for this. 

Another was during the height of COVID in 2020 when a lady called me and explained that her mother had been sent from hospital to a facility that was recommended to her. After being there a couple of months, she noticed her mother had deteriorated, was unhappy and wouldn’t come out of her room. The family had several issues trying to communicate their concerns with the home. She asked me if I could help advocate on their behalf and if needed find a more suitable home. Providing a holistic approach to aged care is something I’m deeply passionate about, and I assured her I could support and assist her through this. 

Firstly, I contacted the home where her mother was staying to see if a resolution could be found or ascertain if it wasn’t just poor communication and a misunderstanding. I identified that this was not the case. I was able to communicate this to the family and find a more suitable home that matched their mum’s needs physically, socially, emotionally and financially. We transferred my client’s mum within days into a beautiful home the family chose together, from a selection I presented to them online – the site unseen as tours were not allowed due to COVID. She’s now healthier, happier and social! The family were so thankful. 

What advice/tips would you give to a family who are just starting to think about finding aged care for their loved one? 

The best tip I could give anybody for starting the process of finding aged care would be to seek assistance from an independent aged care consultant. Having a specialist by your side means you can make informed decisions, save time and relieve your stress during what can be a highly emotional time for all involved. I would also recommend planning ahead by starting earlier than required, especially given that home care packages can take up to 18 months to be assigned. Independent consultants can help you plan for your future and access the right services at the right time, with a full understanding of the cascade of intervention services available. This extends to your financial plans. It’s always good to look into residential care fees early so you can work these anticipated costs into your retirement planning. 

Last question! What is a fun fact about you that not many people know about? 

A fun fact about me… well to me family always comes first and I am a proud grandmother of six wonderful grandkids! And one of them was born in my lounge room last year during lockdown. 

I guess most people wouldn’t know this about me either is that in the late 80s I was the poster girl for a chicken fillet burger commercial that some people still recognise me for today!  

If you’re feeling curious, you can see me enjoying the Hungry Jacks burger below.

Hungry Jacks grilled chicken commercial starring Pauline Healy

Don’t navigate the aged care system alone…

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