When Cathleen was in hospital recovering from her knee reconstruction surgery, she was told by the doctors that her road to recovery would be long. She would require rehab and post-acute care. However, because she was in the private health care system, medical support arrangements would need to be organised by Cathleen and her family. They found themselves on their own to set up all the supports for Cathleen – and they were going in blind.  

The moment they realised this, they Googled ‘aged care consultant’ and Pauline’s name appeared. They saw all of her positive reviews and decided that she would be the key to finding Cathleen the best care solution. Once they contacted Pauline, their biggest question for Cathleen’s recovery was: 

“Can she manage at home, or does she need to go into an aged care facility straight away?”. 

Often with cases like Cathleen’s, there is always confusion and doubt if the person in care can return home given the special supports required and there’s nothing set up.  

They called Pauline and asked for her advice on where to start.  

As always, Pauline’s approach to finding an aged care solution for her clients is focused on the BEST option for the individual and not what might appear to be the ‘easiest’ solution. 

In Cathleen’s case, having the right supports at home to meet her individual care needs was an option that could be achieved through careful planning and consultation between Pauline, Catheleen and her family, and the medical support team. 

Pauline engaged with Cathleen’s rehab facility on the family’s behalf and sat in with her medical support team to assist with the discharge planning. This included organising an OT assessment to make sure Cathleen’s home environment was set up and safe, and ongoing physiotherapy. Pauline was then able to secure interim care whilst also setting Cathleen up with a Home Care Package on an urgent basis. This interim support provided the critical care and access to services that Cathleen needed for her recovery at home for 5 months while she was waiting for her Home Care Package. This included personal care, shopping assistance, social support, domestic assistance (cleaning) and home maintenance. 

During this time, Cathleen also had concerns and anxiety around what would happen and where she could go if she couldn’t manage at home and needed residential care. 

Pauline was able to provide peace of mind by offering Cathleen a selection of suggested aged care facilities. Pauline then booked in tours with Cathleen’s top three picks and applied for the facility Cathleen liked the most and would also meet her needs.  

This was 18 months ago. 

During this time, Pauline would contact Cathleen every couple of months to check in, see how she’s going, to ask if she needs further support and if she might be ready to trial respite care. With Christmas now approaching, Cathleen has decided she’ll trial 2 weeks of respite care in the facility she chose 18 months ago during the time her family are go away for a holiday. Without Pauline’s support and guidance, Cathleen would not have had the confidence to do any of this on her own. Her family have also been incredibly thankful that their beloved Cathleen is in Pauline’s caring and expert hands as they focus on their own families, particularly during COVID-19. 

For one flat fee, this is what ongoing support looks like when you engage in Pauline’s independent aged care services! She will always do the work so you experience a positive, high-quality outcome and not just a quick fix. Having Pauline by your side as you make this life-changing decision means you’ll always be offered a broad selection of care options and a longer timeframe. 

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At Well Placed Care, we pride ourselves on our holistic approach when seeking out aged care options for our clients. With us by your side, consideration is made not only for your loved one’s specific care needs, but how this next step in their life will fulfil their emotional, social & mental wellbeing.

Pauline Healy is known in the industry as a completely independent consultant and advocate with no affiliations to any facility. This means you’re assured complete transparency & honesty, where her sole focus is on your family and what it is you need.  

We understand how often when care needs arise for your loved ones it can be overwhelming and stressful. Having Pauline there to support, advocate, guide and assist you during this life-changing transition will help you to make informed decisions while also having the time to focus on oneself and each other.    

If you or your loved ones are thinking of starting the transition into aged care, reach out to Pauline today.

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