Answer – Absolutely!

Well Placed Care is considered an essential service during the pandemic.

Aged Care is an essential service for your elderly loved ones. As an independent aged care advocacy and consultancy service, we believe it is more important now than ever to look after our senior Australians when entering the aged care sector. 

We have adapted our services in order to effectively and safely traverse the pandemic so your family can receive a positive, safe and informed outcome for their care needs.

Some of these adaptions include:

  • Moving our face-to-face consultations across to Zoom.
  • Providing virtual tours of residential care facilities.
  • Safely moving your elderly loved one’s interstate to be closer to your family.
  • Keeping abreast of all COVID-19 requirements and policy updates within the aged care sector necessary to coordinate your family’s transition into aged care.
  • Ensuring that your aged care facilities’ or home care providers’ preventative measures and support systems are in line with the Industry Code (go to our Resources page to look at the Code).

We are still operating within our normal working hours, which is every day between 8AM – 9PM.

If you or your loved ones are thinking of starting the transition into aged care & want a service that has been adapted to safely operate during the pandemic, reach out to our highly qualified & experienced Aged Care consultant Pauline Healy

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