When Peter suffered a stroke, he was left with a residual brain injury and mobility issues on one side. He was only 67. Not the way Kate – his wife – and him planned to spend their retirement together.  

As Kate went about sorting out their affairs, she was eventually referred to Pauline by their financial advisor, a decision that she would never regret. 

Pauline had the vast industry experience and knowledge to support Kate and Peter through this challenging journey. 

Firstly, she set them up with the restorative care program for Peter. She introduced Kate to the Carer Gateway, an Australian Government funded organisation that provides the much-needed practical advice and support services for carers. Through them, Pauline was able to find assistance for 12 weeks whilst she set them up with their home care through CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Package). This interim care is key to Pauline’s overall service, ensuring that her clients like Kate and Peter can access and receive the right services while waiting for their Home Care Package. Once their Home Care Package was allocated 12 months later, Pauline then provided a selection of home care providers which Kate interviewed and selected. 

Another key service that Kate required was respite care.  

Residential respite care is a service that provides a short break for a short period of time for both the carer and the person receiving care. In Kate and Peter’s case, they were looking for a residential care facility for Peter to visit 2 weeks every quarter. This is both a nice break for Peter and a well-deserved rest for Kate. Initially, Kate had always thought Peter would be going into a local care facility based off a friend’s recommendation. Pauline offered a selection of facilities for Kate to tour and in order of preference Kate chose Pauline’s number one match to trial respite for Peter. Peter has attended several times now, loved it and has gone back regularly ever since.   

These returns have cemented Peter’s familiarity with the care home and had given him the opportunity to create friendships. This will also future-proof Peter and Kate’s circumstances down the track. As Peter’s needs become greater over time, Kate will not be able to sustain his care long-term. Having a residential care facility that Peter is already familiar and comfortable with means he’ll be able to transition smoothly into his new home when the time comes. Peter knows that this will be his permanent home in the future.  

Pauline negotiated with Peter’s residential care facility that he will one day call home, giving Peter and Kate peace-of-mind financially and setting them up for their future needs. 

This included negotiating discounts at the home for the aged care fees, from the RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit) to additional services. This meant Kate was able to plan ahead with the assistance with her financial advisor for their retirement. 

Kate was so thankful that Pauline was open to all suggestions including the local residential care facility recommended by a friend. 

As a comparison, it was clear that Pauline’s recommended facilities had the quality of care and environment that would best suit Peter and Kate’s needs. This is because Pauline’s approach is to match the right facility with her client’s individual care needs, their lifestyle and who they are as a person. It doesn’t have to be based off someone else’s recommendations, as their needs and experiences may be very different to yours. 

Pauline was always on the other end of the phone at every stage of Kate and Peter’s aged care journey. 

If Kate had any queries, she knew she could call Pauline and rely on her good communication and attentive support. Pauline would always be cc’d into every email with the care provider, and was across all the latest updates and information. Pauline will continue to be involved and support them right up until Peter goes into permanent residential care, which could be another two years down the track. 

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