Margot’s Story

Wayne de Malmanche’s wife Margot had been diagnosed with brain cancer in her late fifties. Two years of ongoing treatment followed the initial diagnosis.

Wayne describes the experiences that Margot and the family have been through. The first brain surgery to remove the cancer was completed at Monash Clayton, and unfortunately Margot experienced a stroke after this surgery.

This was followed by radiotherapy treatment at the Alfred — and then another diagnosis of brain cancer for the second time. A second course of radiotherapy treatment was completed at the Alfred, but complications caused by the scar tissue from the first surgery caused Margot to lose the use of her legs.

Margot then went to Dandenong to undergo further treatment that was focused on her regaining the use of her legs, but unfortunately this was not successful, and the situation progressed to paralysis now affecting her arms as well.

Dandenong transferred her to rehabilitation after this treatment, and it was at this point that the need for Margot to be placed into permanent care became a clear priority — and she was officially moved into transition care.

Wayne says, “We had about 3 to 6 weeks to find a place for Margot to be supported and cared for.

“While the hospital did provide us with some information, we were very scared about the situation we were facing, especially given the fact that we were not aged pensioners.

“We are only in our fifties, and very worried about what we were facing in order to actually be able to afford a place for Margot,” he explains.

One of the big concerns for Wayne and Margot was that, at their age, they were very worried that that they were facing re-mortgaging their home to come up with hundreds of thousands to pay for an Aged Care place for Margot.

How did you find Pauline?

Backed with the information from the hospital, and additional research undertaken by their daughter, ultimately Wayne & Margot’s financial advisor referred the family to Pauline.

“She came around to our house, sat down with us as a family, and spent two hours talking with us and getting to know us, and understanding what was most important to us in the situation we were facing,” says Wayne.

“She was absolutely amazing — she fitted straight in to the family right away, which made it so much easier to talk with her about our hopes and fears regarding our situation.”

Pauline assisted the family with understanding the RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit) process and how it affected the family’s choices, working together with their financial advisor to achieve the best possible result.

Special requirements for Margot & the family

“We felt we had few choices,” says Wayne. With Margot’s mother in her eighties, with limited mobility, the family really needed to have a place that was close to the family home so that everyone was able to see Margot frequently.

Pauline was able to locate the perfect place for Margot. Not only was she able to meet the requirement of the placement being geographically close to home, but additionally negotiated for a partially supported placed into an Extra Service RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit) room.

The place was found and secured for Margot within one week of Pauline meeting with the family.

How did Pauline help the family with the transition?

“We were seriously very scared about the situation at the beginning,” explains Wayne, “but I cannot speak highly enough about Pauline and how she helped us.”

  • Pauline assisted the family with gathering and completing all the necessary paperwork required for the whole placement process, including navigating the My Aged Care system.
  • She also negotiated terms with the Aged Care facility in order to make sure that the best possible placement was achieved for Margot and the family.

“The absolute clincher was at the end,” says Wayne.

“After Margot was placed and had settled in really well, we received the most beautiful bunch of flowers from Pauline.

“Honestly, it is not what you expect and it goes to the heart of how amazing she is.”

“Could not recommend Pauline more highly”

“Pauline is not only a lovely person, she is a complete professional,” says Wayne. “I couldn’t recommend her more highly to any family in this situation.”

Margot is extremely happy in the Aged Care facility where she’s now located.

Though obviously she would love to be at home with the family, she feels that there’s no better place she could be, given her health circumstances, and is grateful to be close to where the family are and enjoy as much time with them as possible.

Pauline’s family-centred approach comes with firm but gentle clarity and the competence of years of experience. She’ll ease your concerns — supporting your family with all aspects of this process and allowing you to focus on your loved one.

Because she’s an independent professional, the advice she gives is based entirely on your individual circumstances — backed up by her knowledge of the system and experience in navigating it.

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