June’s Story

Sue L.’s mother June, 90, was simply experiencing increasing frailty with age.

She had been going through a merry-go-round of health dramas — fall, hospital, rehab — hip replacement, hospital, rehab — around and around it went, with each incident following the last more quickly as time went on.

Even though Sue and her brother were becoming used to the issues that were occurring more and more often, they had never discussed or planned as a family what the next steps would be for their mother.

“Mum was absolutely adamant that she would never, ever go into any kind of care,” says Sue. “She had always been absolutely ferocious about this, and so my brother and I didn’t even begin to have it on our agenda to think about.”

Ultimately though, the ongoing drama and exhaustion of managing all these health problems became too much even for June.

“In the end she decided herself that she couldn’t go home,” says Sue.

After the last incident, June was placed into transition respite care with the hospital rehabilitation unit, giving the family twelve weeks to find a permanent place for her.

“Pauline became the answer”

Sue engaged Well Placed Care to assist — and found that Pauline became the answer to all of the family’s questions and research about what was going to be the best option for June for the future.

“We had no experience whatsoever with Aged Care. And twelve weeks is actually not a lot of time to do all the research and make all of the decisions you need to make,” says Sue.

“Pauline became the answer. Pauline’s expertise cut through all the BS — we were on the clock, we had to move quickly and we had to make the right decisions for Mum,” she says.

A very, very sharp lady with strong opinions about her future

June was not suffering from any form of dementia or reduced mental capabilities — her main issue was her increasing physical frailty.

This meant that she had very strong opinions as to what was going to happen and where she was going to go — these decisions weren’t being made “for her” so much as being made with her.

So June’s preferences were very much a priority during the research and decision making process.

“Mum was adamant that she wanted to stay around Cheltenham, to be near her friends, where she had lived for more than sixty years,” explains Sue.

“However, the family was mainly based around Mornington, and truthfully, there were very few of her friends left in Cheltenham anyway.

“I will be forever grateful to Pauline, who was able to talk to Mum privately about what was going to be the best location.

“I could have kissed the ground she walked on when after one of these conversations, Mum announced she had decided she was going to be happy with Mornington.”

Sue found Pauline’s approach was incredibly helpful in moving her through some of the difficult decision making and getting her through procrastination.

“She rang me and said meet me this afternoon — I’m here in Mornington, come with me and have a look at these places, and it really helped me to get on with it and make the decisions we needed to make.

“I also got to see Pauline in action as we met with Admissions Managers and staff at the different facilities we visited — she really helped me to assess each one and figure out what was going to be best for Mum,” explains Sue.

Three months turned into three weeks

Once the decision on the facility had been made, Pauline was able to speed up the process through her professional knowledge and understanding of how the aged care facilities worked.

The facility that Sue and June chose was completely booked out.

However, due to Pauline’s inside experience, she was able to negotiate a placement in respite care for June at another branch of the same facility. This meant that when the room became available in Mornington, because June was already in the system, she was able to be moved smoothly and quickly to the desired location.

“Worth every penny”

“Pauline’s services were worth every penny,” says Sue.
“I absolutely recommend her to any family facing this situation.”

Sue and the family are very happy with the outcome for June, knowing that they’ve made the absolute best decisions they were able to make for her transition.

Pauline’s family-centred approach comes with firm but gentle clarity and the competence of years of experience. She’ll ease your concerns — supporting your family with all aspects of this process and allowing you to focus on your loved one.

Because she’s an independent professional, the advice she gives is based entirely on your individual circumstances — backed up by her knowledge of the system and experience in navigating it. 

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