We answer some of the most commonly asked questions & aged care scenarios we hear all the time from our clients.

“Caregiving will never be one-size-fits-all.” – Nancy L. Kriseman

We understand that caregiving will look different from person-to-person, family-to-family. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to aged care, which is why at Well Placed Care we provide such a personalised, bespoke service for every client who engages in our service. Consideration will always be made for the individual care needs of our clients. 

We’ve managed and supported hundreds of families over the years who approach us with different care scenarios. Whether it be about familial and cultural support systems, inclusivity and accessibility, searching for different care options, or financial circumstance, our industry knowledge and experience has prepared us for your specific aged care needs. 

To give you an idea of the breadth of our services and how we can support your family, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions and aged care scenarios we hear all the time from our clients. 

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Care Scenario: “My sister has MS and requires full time care. She is only 67. She is worried there won’t be people to converse with. Are there places for younger people?”

The Royal Commission into Aged Care and Safety Interim Report has identified that the flow of younger people into aged care with a disability is a key issue and requires immediate action. Whilst this is definitely being looked into by the government, unfortunately there are currently no facilities in Australia that cater specifically for people under 65 or mid-age with high level care needs.  

As aged care advocates, we’ll always push for change in this space. In the meantime, we carefully find and select facilities that cater for younger people requiring high level care. We have successfully placed many younger clients into facilities that suit their personality, social and care needs. 

Care Scenario: “My brothers and sister noticed recently that our parents are not travelling so well and their health has declined. They have never really needed help before. How do we access services? What services are they entitled to?”

There are a variety of ways to access services that are right for you and a myriad of services available. My Aged Care is available either by phone or the Internet to request an aged care assessment. However, this is where it gets tricky. The government have tightened up the criteria and are limiting their approvals. They are not forthcoming with information and you’re required to know what type of care is needed ahead of the assessment.  

Having Well Placed Care by your side comes with great value, providing you with assistance when setting up assessments, organising your care plan and looking for care approvals. Following the new, stricter requirements to meet criteria, we want you to put your best foot forward by using our services that not only understands the aged care industry system and language, but can navigate its bureaucracy. We know the difficulties that you may face and are here to help as your aged care experts so you can get the best outcome for you and your family. Whether it’s for home care or residential care, we will stay with you throughout the whole process. 

Care Scenario: “My sister and I looked at a few facilities for our mum, who has dementia. I don’t think she is ready yet. We found it so confusing. When would be a good time to engage your services? We need help to understand what she needs and we will need help when she’s ready. Does your service have a time limit?”

One of the benefits of engaging in our services is that there is absolutely no time limit. At Well Placed Care, we’re huge advocates for starting your care plan as early as you can. Sometimes a plan for residential care placement (for example) can be created years in advance, so when the time comes when a person needs 24-hour specialist care, the decisions have already been made and agreed upon by all parties. 

The earlier you engage in our services the more assistance we’ll be able to provide to future-proof against your family’s specific circumstances. We will ascertain when the right time may be to take action by helping clients access the right services at the right time, with a full understanding of the cascade of intervention services available. Planning ahead and starting the process early with us by your side so you can make informed decisions will save you and your family time, energy and stress. 

So, what is your care scenario? Did any of these situations feel familiar to you or spark an emotional response? If so, perhaps it’s time to start the journey with your family into seeking out some aged care options. 

Whether you’re searching for the right service to future-proof against your specific circumstances or require an immediate care solution, we’ll be able to offer information that is informed, current, accurate and suited to your specific care needs.   

Seeking out aged care consultancy and advocacy services such as Well Placed Care is an incredible act of love for your loved ones. It’s a proactive approach to find quality care that will suit the needs of your loved ones, keeps the whole family informed as you navigate the aged care system and means you can stay focused on each other by letting us take care of all the necessary details. 

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