Accountability is key to positive change in any industry – and even more so when it’s concerning the care of vulnerable and dependent groups such as our senior community. 

Since the release of The Final Report from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety in February 2021, we’re starting to see some tangible action towards re-shaping our aged care system to deliver fundamental reform for senior Australians.

This reformation has been guided by the five pillars outlined in the Final Report that will underpin and drive the Government’s response, along with its reform agenda and the implementation of those changes:  

1.       Home Care,  

2.       Residential aged care quality and safety,

3.       Residential aged care services and sustainability,  

4.       Workforce, and  

5.       Governance. 

As always, we aim to keep our clients informed of the progress of reformation in the aged care space (and how we can support you along this journey).

Our most recent blog Reformation on the Horizon for Home Aged Care highlights that changes are already being made in the home care space with the introduction of a new, streamlined Support at Home Program which will come into effect in July 2023. 

Now, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission have released another update outlining the complaints services they can provide for aged care recipients. 

Link to their complaints service outline can be found on our Resources page here:

What can the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission do for me? 

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is the national end-to-end regulator of aged care services that focus on safeguarding the welfare and rights of consumers. Their complaints service is there to assist you with your concerns about the quality of care or services you or someone else is receiving from Australian Government funded provider. This includes:

  • Residential care or residential respite care 
  • Home Care Packages 
  • Commonwealth Home Support Programme 
  • Flexible care, including transition care, and the national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Programme. 

How will Well Placed Care be able to support me? 

When it comes to her advocacy work, our aged care specialist Pauline Healy will go above and beyond to ensure you receive the ideal outcome for your whole family by helping you make informed decisions throughout the entire process. 

When something doesn’t go right during your aged care journey, Pauline will ascertain whether there is an issue and if there is, she will advocate for you with your provider and guide you throughout the entire process. With Pauline by your side, you’ll be able to work together to get the best possible outcome for your family and loved one.

Read our latest Case Studies to see how Pauline’s advocacy and consultation services have made huge positive impacts for her clients:

What’s more, our advocacy services falls outside the Aged Care Safety and Quality Commission’s scope, which means you’re provided with a deeply informed and person-centred approach to your aged care journey.

Keeping it COVID-safe!

Well Placed Care’s services are needed now more than ever. Our community and the aged care sector continues to navigate COVID particularly around staff shortages and issues around all care options.

By engaging our services, your family will be able to safely traverse the pandemic whilst still finding a high-quality aged care outcome for your loved one. We can operate entirely online and ensure our complete service is COVID-safe and in line with the current industry recommendations and restrictions.

Planning ahead and starting the process early with someone like Pauline Healy by your side so you can make informed decisions will save you and your family time, energy and stress. Whether you’re searching for the right service to future-proof against your specific circumstances or require an immediate care solution, Pauline will be able to offer information that is informed, current, accurate and suited to your specific care needs.    

From seeking help in your home, applying for aged care assessments to more permanent care, Pauline will be able to support your family through this life-changing decision. More importantly, while Pauline is taking care of all the necessary details, you and your loved ones will have the time to concentrate on oneself and each other.  

Don’t navigate the aged care system alone.    

Reach out to Well Placed Care today.

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