What is an aged care placement advocate? What do they do and how do they help?

This is a question that a lot of people ask when they hear about my work. The reason many people haven’t heard of the type of work that I do is this: you never think you’ll need a placement advocate up until you do.

Most people don’t start asking the questions about finding appropriate care placements until a friend, family member or loved one begins showing the signs of needing care. This is around the time when they discover Well Placed Care and inevitably ask:

“What is an aged care placement advocate? And what do you do?”

The simple answer is:
I make finding, securing and paying for aged care as easy as possible.

Pauline Healy

The complicated answer is this:

I assist couples, families and friends to assess the level of care that is appropriate for the individual. This may include medical or physical aid, as well as considerations for mobility assistance or ongoing therapies. My goal for Well Placed Care is to provide gentle assistance to families to make the transition into care as easy and simple as possible.

How do we do this?

First, we look at appropriate locations that offer the types of services, facilities and functions suitable for the needs and desires of the resident. If they love reading, we short-list facilities with libraries; if they prefer socialising, we short-list places that offer outings, events or other social activities within the community.

This also extends to physical and medical needs. There are many different needs for different people, and I look at each case individually. For some, they may require access to a gym, pool or other physical therapy tools. We can also look at facilities that offer specialised support for individuals diagnosed with conditions like dementia.

When deciding on a facility, we consider the location and relevant travel-time for the family and loved ones. The perfect placement will be one that not only offers the best services but is also in a reasonable location for family and friends to visit.

All these discussions take place with the family, in a setting most suitable for you. Many clients appreciate the option to talk about these options in the comfort of their own home, while others prefer a different location. I will happily travel to the space that makes you and your family most comfortable.

Another major part of my role as an advocate is to assist with the often complicated and long paperwork process. The type of documents needed can range from proof of identity forms, to income support statements, and many more for financial assistance.

The sheer amount of paperwork involved can be mind-boggling. A lot of this paperwork will be unfamiliar to you and your family. You may be wondering “what do we need to do to qualify for Centrelink assistance?”. Some people wonder if they need to remortgage their house to afford paying for placement.

Here at Well Placed Care, I take that worry away by walking you through, step-by-step each of the different options available to you and your family. This ensures you will apply for the correct services and know that your paperwork has been filled out and filed correctly.

On top of all this, I will negotiate the best possible price for your care accommodation. That’s right, care prices aren’t set in stone. You can negotiate a better deal for your loved one; as your advocate, I will do this for you to find the best value at your chosen facility.

So, what is an aged care placement advocate?

They are there to champion for you and your loved one, to make the transition process easy, and to secure you the top placement option at the greatest price point.

If you’ve ever wondered what an aged care placement advocate can do for you, pick up the phone and give me a call.

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